Seeds in the Middle
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  Inspiring Social Change Through Sustainable Health
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We believe it’s all about access. Too often, parents in underprivileged neighborhoods don’t apply for resources wealthier zones take for granted because they never got the chance to learn how to reach for them. In workshops, parents gain skills to advocate for their children and themselves, fundraise and organize. We held the first monthly class parent breakfasts to invite more caregivers into the school, building support for Hip2B Healthy programs, and strengthening the ability of hardworking parents and caregivers to get much-needed programs. Volunteer parents from wealthier schools help guide and mentor.

Fun-filled community events lure in youth and families after school hours, like Master Chef dinner parties, soccer games and movie nights.

The Hip2B Healthy Market, upcoming Greenmarket’s Youthmarket and outdoor garden also draw in the community, particularly senior citizens and unemployed who enjoy the beauty and need affordable fresh food. Students will petition for support from the local community boards.

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