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Affordable, quality arts partners excite children’s learning and joy, thereby boosting achievement, during the school day and afterward. The Metropolitan Opera Guild Urban Voices program offers choral music one day a week for the entire academic year, serving more than 100 students who sing in several concerts and travel to the Lincoln Center. On March 2, fifty students, teachers and parents saw their first opera, “The Nose.” Other partners: The New York City Ballet, Carnegie Hall field trips, special guest artists.

The community is full of talented musicians and artists willing to teach in schools, enriching children while supporting their careers. We are working to build a cadre of community partners to serve in schools too poor to hire licensed arts teachers. Thus, residents get valuable teaching skills and children have role models and the opportunities to excel. We look forward to salsa, merengue, African dance, boxing, visual arts and more.
Talk about Civil Serpents! Special snake ambassadors Dewey Dawson and Mike Richardson brought in their favorite slithery pals right into a school cafeteria, sharing knowledge and wisdom about their crawly creatures to the fascination of teachers and students. Link to photos.
Daily News Article: Click here to read more.
  Pride in African-American and immigrant heritage are boosted through special trips, parties and workshops. Crystal Williams, formerly of Central Park Conservancy, gave classes a tour and lesson at the remains of Seneca Village, an African-American settlement razed to create Central Park.

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