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  Inspiring Social Change Through Sustainable Health
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Public School 91 School Chef
We have these new vegetable patties made from nuts and it tastes so good! We had a teacher who came and told us about it the kids are eating healthier. The kids tell their opinions.We have to ask them, they’re our breadwinners. Our count is up!

They are eating healthier. They are eating a lot of fruit, They are really eating vegetables. About 100 more kids are eating breakfast and lunch now. Seeds is doing a good job. Now we order more vegetables and more fruits. They love the salad.

Breakfast is up. We now make oatmeal and farina. We try to cater to the kids here. Now we have kids who used to bring their own lunch choosing to eat lunch here. Every Tuesday is healthy Tuesday. We make a special basket. You are doing a great job! Thank you so much.

Solomon Long, Former Public School Principal
I have been a principal in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, for nineteen years. I was born and raised in Crown Heights. I was quite concerned when NY1 showed the statistics on where the highest obesity was in the city. Brooklyn ranked number 2 and quite high on the national level. Through the city's 'Fitness Gram Program,' we found out that a large percentage of our students are considered obese!!! I myself weigh over three hundred pounds. I eat from the following food chains: Wendy's, White Castle, Burger King and McDonald’s. I was raised on the food served by these chains. I know better, but these places are cheap and convenient. We have only one supermarket within a quarter mile radius. There are only two vegetable/fruit markets in the area. We want to be on the ground floor to change the eating habits and food choices of a community. I want to grow vegetables in the front yards of the school. We want to have a whole curriculum whereas the teachers have professional development weekly to learn about gardening, nutrition and the preparation of nutritional food. We the adults have to save our children from their nutritionally bad habits by educating ourselves and then educating them. Our children and ourselves have the highest levels of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. in the country and we must change this. Please help us in any way you can to combat this monster in our community.
  Public School 91 Science Teacher
I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful day of professional development. In my twenty-one years with the Department of Education, it was certainly one of the best I have ever attended! Each and every one of the presenters was magnificent. Their levels of expertise and enthusiasm were inspiring, and I gleaned a tremendous amount of information from the day's proceedings.

I realize how much time and effort must have gone into making the day a success, and I certainly appreciate it. Heartfelt gratitude, also, to the management and staff of Joya Thai Restaurant on Court Street; lunch was indeed, delicious!

Please keep me informed as to how the programs detailed during the course of our day unfold in the future. I look forward to bringing further endeavors to fruition.

Mother of a fifth-grader
I learned to interact with my community and be part of an effort to keep a healthy lifestyle for longevity.

A school crossing guard whose six year old does not know where vegetables come from
This is a great idea for all. I learned that food can be fun to cook, that food is cheaper to make than buying out.

5th grade teacher
Thank YOU! It was a great [Professional Development Day] overall.

A mother of three children, including an overweight fifth grader who has high cholesterol
These programs are really great, it’s so good to see children learning about health so early in life. I learned about the cost effectiveness of carving chicken at home and healthier meal options and recipes for my children,” a mother of three children, including an overweight fifth grader who has high cholesterol.
  Two first grade teachers
It is really a pleasure to know that we all are on the band wagon to help our students achieve a better way of LIFE by improving eating habits. What we plan to do in my class is to bring in fruits and vegetables and juice them, making a variety of smoothies. I also want to have my class plant different herbs and discuss their usefulness. Look forward to working with you and your team.

Pamela Koch, EdD, RD, Executive Director, Center for Food & Environment Adjunct Assistant Professor, Program in Nutrition, Teachers College Columbia University
What you are doing sounds really amazing. Yes, let’s keep talking about how we can work together and move this all forward...thank you for ALL your efforts in this very important work.

Dr. Mary J. Leou, Director, Wallerstein Collaborative For Urban Environmental Education, Director, Environmental Conservation Education Program, New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture
 Education and Human Development

Congratulations on organizing a wonderful professional development day. Thank you for including me today. It was a pleasure to meet so many dedicated teachers, administrators, interested in gardens, and healthy eating.

A mother of two children, one of whom
is overweight

I love this event and hope that there are many more in the future. I liked the fact the coordinator cared enough about the quality of food or lack thereof, that kids received in our school. I learned different uses for chicken and different methods of cooking.

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